Sterling Bank Financial System
Sterling Bank Financial System
Optima - Financial System

Seamlessly stream your financial system’s output to your account.

Effortless bank accounts reconciliation and monitoring is now possible via the Optima - Financial System. Stand-alone software that is paired with Optima - Payroll System, this platform allows you to create financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, financial ratios, and cash flow, and easily reconcile these transactions to your account. 

Designed with your business in mind, the Optima - Financial System is capable of the following:

Define your user’s profile
Customize your user’s profile

Assign or limit a user’s access to certain features in the system for added security.

Provide Audit Log from activity reports
Provide Audit Log from activity reports

View, print and export in MS Excel all activity logs for timely internal audits.

Enable users to upload payroll data
Upload payroll data

The system reduce the manhours needed to create a payroll since it doesn’t require raw data.

Track inventory movement
Track inventory movement

Improve your supply chain by using the inventory limit prompt which warns when your supplies have reached a critical level.

Consolidate your Modules
Consolidate your Modules (Sales purchases, Receivables, Payables and Inventory)

Benefit from detailed and consolidated sales, purchases, receivables, payables and inventory reports. Receive auto-prompts of accounts payables and receivables due dates.

Modify your forms
Modify your forms

Customize your forms according to your own company’s needs.

System Requirements

OS - Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Core2 Duo; Memory: 4GB RAM;  CD-ROM drive; 1.44 disk drive; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor; CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device

OS - Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Dual Core; Memory: 2GB RAM; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor;  CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device; Printer (Laserjet/ Inkjet or Dot Matrix printer (w/ perforation tractor)

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